Online Sports Betting

Online Sports Betting is a million dollar business with both the followers and the revenue figures shooting up each day. It has also become an originator of opportunities to people across the world. Most importantly it has made online gambling a possible reality to players from the US. Online Sports betting is all about sportsbooks and the various types of sports betting options they provide on their site.

Transformation of Sports Betting

Online Sports betting has seen a lot of transformation right from its emergence. It has seen a lot of regulations and bans in different regions.

Sports betting have faced oodles of struggle particularly in the US and this was the reason for a number of online and offline sports betting companies budding up offshore from the US.

Also the fact that it is legal to gamble on offshore sites opened the doors for US players to try their luck with online sports betting and gambling on offshore sites like

Online Sports Betting Sites

When it comes to online Sports betting, there are a lot of players from various parts of the players who offer competitive sports betting services.

Some might have a variety of sports betting options, while some might assure you a good payroll and the choice goes on and on according to individual choice and preferences.

It is up to the player to select a site that will suit him the best. Also one can make the best use of the comparison factor that is available over the Internet and compare the lines about the sports as explained in various sports books.

It all depends on the choice you make and the small points you gather might work out to become a huge difference to your payroll.

Sportsbooks for US Bettors

Since there exists a legal ban to operate an online sportsbook inside the US region, the online gambling and sports betting industry has rooted itself in some of the bordering countries like Panama and Costa Rica. Due to the complications connected to deposits from US players, some offshore sites even restrict US players. However there are quite a many sportsbooks that have their doors open for players and bettors from the US.


If you just to want to experience in-depth sports gambling and betting with no added effects and a simple website without any flamboyant graphics, then 5Dimes is going to be your natural choice. It is a properly licensed and reliable betting site providing its all-in-all gambling services to people cross the globe. This accepts customers from the US with a lot of deposit option and hence becomes the favorite among US players. With a stunning number of sports betting types that touches 1000 a day and wagging options it offers the players a wide array of choice. With an excellent customer service and an efficient platform that gives out the best, it makes 5Dimes the most opted online betting site by many.

Sportsbooks for Non-Us Bettors

When it comes to sportsbooks options for non-US players, the options are indeed many with a lot of companies listed with stock exchanges and prove to be really big players in the million-dollar industry. Some of the top picks among them are


This is based out of UK and holds the number one position in terms of offering the maximum number of lines. With Bet365 you can get access to almost all the online sports betting activity. The major attraction here remains to be the facility of Live Betting and Mobile Betting.


This is based and licensed by Malta and has a wide coverage for the soccer betting from all over the world. Its major focus is on the EPL (English Premier League). They are also known for their attractive money-back policies and other such offers.


This is still better since it is a website exclusively to US and Canadian bettors and players. The exciting feature about Bovada is that it offers a lot of prop bets and also has alternate lines for mega sports events. It stands out in its ability to offer a range of deposit options along with easy, safe and fast cash withdrawals.


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